Our parent company possess a 30 year track record in delivering ICT solutions using best of breed partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Cisco, Indra and SAS. Out of this ICT DNA were birthed sister companies which include ISPs, Telecoms Carriers, ICT infrastructure and platforms.

Technical teams operate across the group, including at DirecOne, facilitating the deployment of advanced technologies for speed and agility of execution, supportability and sustainability. We maintain a diversity of off-island fibre optic links, and are supported by our very own telecommunications carrier, forming the basis of our business continuity strategy and infrastructure which are unmatched in the industry.

It is DirecOne’s expertise in utilizing technologies to deliver contact centre solutions that has enabled us to provide exceptional service to some of the largest clients in the sector.

Technology, the Foundation of our Daily Operations

DirecOne’s operations are based on advanced communications technology which facilitates efficient, daily call center activities. DirecOne’s robust systems incorporate advanced features for data security and integrity, while maintaining scalability and flexibility.

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    Cloud based: Our systems are cloud based, ensuring that in the event of a natural disaster or damage to the facility, operations can be quickly relocated and migrated with minimal downtime and disruption to operations.

  • Premises based: We also maintain premises-based infrastructure  so that in the event of a disruption in internet connectivity, our operations may continue seamlessly.

  • Reporting: In order to ensure maximum responsiveness to client requests, we have implemented various mechanisms for data reporting and analytics which clients may readily access to review the performance of their accounts

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System: The ACD system queues and directs calls to agents with maximum efficiency, minimizing client wait time. Beyond the basic ACD systems, we incorporate Skills Based Routing, to ensure that calls are directed according to skill and priority.

  • Security: Client data and information are protected by several layers of security and best in class systems, including firewalls, advanced user authentication measures and policies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to information.

All new recruits and agents receive extensive Computer Based Training (CBT) in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software used by agents on the floor. Ongoing coaching and assessment ensure that agents reach a minimum level of proficiency in both the software and procedures before being placed on active client accounts.