Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago – The Ideal Nearshore Destination

•  Trinidad and Tobago is located in close geographical proximity to North America with several daily flights to North America, South America and Europe.

•  Located outside of the hurricane belt.

•  The United Nations (UN) ranked Trinidad and Tobago as the “Happiest” Caribbean country to live in its 2018 World Happiness Report.

•  Highly educated, English-speaking workforce:

•  Labour force of approximately 640,000

•  Neutral accent and cultural affinity to US culture

•  Over 7,600 persons graduate with a university degree every year

•  Well-developed, reliable and competitive telecommunications infrastructure with:

•  Five (5) broadband service providers (ISPs); Two (2) 4G mobile operators

•  Mobile penetration of 160%

•  An overall ranking of 49 (out of 137) on the Technological Readiness Index

•  Host of incentives for investing in Trinidad and Tobago, including Free Zones and tax exemptions.

•  Due to the abundance of Natural Gas, our power generation capabilities are second to none in the Caribbean

•  Competitive labour costs – favourable wage rates compared with other Caribbean markets.

• High levels of underemployment: as an energy based economy with strong emphasis on capital intensive projects, many citizens are employed in non-productive, state funded programmes and are actively seeking new career opportunities in which they can grow and progress. The labour pool available to the BPO sector is therefore sizeable and attractive.

• Strong democratic tradition with stable political and industrial relations environments.

•  Forecasts indicate positive economic growth in the short to medium term: the IMF projects continued positive GDP growth for Trinidad for 2020 and 2021.

• Keen government focus on education, data protection and telecommunications infrastructure development as embodied in the Government’s Strategic Plan for development.

• Rare combination of the idyllic Caribbean environment – beautiful beaches and warm weather year-round – and a bustling, thriving economy with highly developed industries and business facilities.