Partnership With The Gillette Group

Founded in 1984, The Gillette Group has been a stalwart in the Caribbean Business landscape for the last to thirty-six (36) years.
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is the DNA of the group, which was founded with the launch of our flagship company, Computers and Controls Ltd, a leading IT solutions provider.
Guided by management’s philosophy of operating akin to a venture capital firm, investing in exciting and promising businesses, regardless of industry or sector, the Group now owns and operates pioneering and dynamic entities in a wide range of sectors including:

  • Offshore Manufacturing
  • Offshore Contact Center Management
  • Hospitality and Services
  • Land Development
  • Broadcast Radio
  • Entertainment
  • ICT Solutions
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Telecommunications Carriers

Our presence and position in a variety of sectors creates unique opportunities for synergies across industries and value chains.