Omnichannel and Multichannel Customer Experience Management Solutions

Over the last 20 years we have successfully provided a host of services for local, regional and international customers, including Fortune 500 companies. We offer an expansive portfolio of outsourced services including.

Communication with millions of people.

Our core competency is in the delivery of Customer Experience Solution, ranging from the very fundamental customer support foundation to more knowledge and skill intensive areas such as technical support, help desk and problem resolution

In today’s Digital Landscape, customers expect to be connected to your brand seamlessly via any channel, any time for an ideal Customer Experience – the bar has been raised and DirecOne can take your company there.

We support the full spectrum of customer facing channels — phone, live chat, social media, email, SMS etc., which can all be integrated to meet customers at their preferred channel or give a unified interaction via any combination of channels, which is the ideal Omnichannel experience to leave a unique Emotional Signature.

Our list of satisfied clients covers almost all industries and includes US Fortune 500 companies.

With approximately 4 Billion Social Media users around the world and the advent of the Corona Virus pandemic, which has increased Digital and Online activities; Social Media Management and Support Services has become a critical component of any Brand’s Customer Experience touchpoints.

Whether you have an existing Social Media presence, or you have not yet taken that forward step; let DirecOne take your Social Media Management to the next level.

DirecOne is well positioned to assist with these five key areas as a stand-alone or integrated Omnichannel Solution:

  1. Marketing and building your brand.
  2. Growing your Social Media reach.
  3. Saving and assisting your current customers.
  4. Onboarding new customers.
  5. Introducing new products and service.

Studies show that 90% of customers said the “Live Chat” button gives them confidence that they can get help if they need it but strangely only 9% of websites use live chat to provide real time support to their customers.

While the future of chat support is positioned as Chatbots, currently there are many limitations to the Natural Language Processing (NPL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which are at the center of Chatbot technology; however, there is no question that Chatbots can perform simple tasks very well.

With today’s technology Chatbots have difficulty in detecting emotions, they are restricted when dealing with complex situations or situations which may require creativity or judgement to solve and have poor conversational understanding. As a result, they may lack the ability to help people decide and they may be become very repetitive with responses. Recently 47% of internet users in the U.S. felt that Chatbots provide too many unhelpful responses and 59% of customers believed Chatbots misunderstood their requests.

DirecOne offers a blended approach to Live Chat Support where Chatbots are used to catch your customers real-time and assist with basic FAQ type responses. Conversations which require further assistance are directed to live agents to provide solutions who operate the Chat and maintain a WoW Customer Experience.

6 Reasons Why Live Chat enhances the Customer Experience:

  1. Connects customers instantly with support.
  2. Allows customers to multi-task during the interaction.
  3. Wait time is negligible in most cases.
  4. Conversations can be saved on the customer end.
  5. Queries are usually answered real-time.
  6. Can be integrated into an Omnichannel Solution.

With approximately 300 Billion emails being sent daily around the world, some 62% of customers according to a recent study, choose Email Support over other communication channels due to the convenience it offers. It is asynchronous communication, which means the customer can send an email message at any time they choose, and a response would be provided within a reasonable predefined timeframe. This means no holding on a line to speak with an agent and no opening of a chat window and waiting on an available agent.

Some benefits of Email Support are:

  1. Leaves an easily accessible paper trail to protect both parties.
  2. Ideal for customers who don’t have time to wait in queues.
  3. All basic types of attachments are supported (pictures/ screenshots, etc.).
  4. Ticket numbers can be assigned and tracked by both parties.
  5. Provides customers with ability to clearly outline complex issues.
  6. Can be integrated into an Omnichannel Solution.

DirecOne can incorporate Artificial Intelligence to automatically respond to simple queries (similar to intelligent virtual assistants found in web chats). Our technology can also read and understand personalized requests and respond in a like manner. Using forward technology to decipher which email responses should be automated and which should be manually handles is an efficient approach to an Email Solution; and is engineered to manage the Customer Experience.

can manage your email as a stand-alone service or as part of the overall contact center solution

While we catapult further into this Digital Age, Surveys done over the phone are still quite relevant as Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Surveys are reliant on current technology trends. DirecOne offers the full CATI Surveys ecosystem which may include:

  • Survey Design
    • We design surveys by applying statistical methodologies to reduce various types of statistical bias
  • CATI Platform
  • CATI Survey response collection
  • Data Analytics

Advances in technology has led to autonomous methods of surveying like Online Surveys, which are impersonal in nature and have little engagement and much lower completion rates in comparison to speaking to a live person.

CATI Surveys add a human touch and has the following characteristics:

  1. High Quality Data with Higher Accuracy.
  2. Quick and Efficient.
  3. Ability to reach wider Demographics (such as respondents not tech savvy, without PC/ Smart device or internet, remotely located, aged).
  4. Higher response rate.
  5. Good for sensitive topics.
  6. Questions can be clarified.
  7. Suitable for longer surveys.

Our Surveys may range from NPS and other Customer Experience surveys to gathering personal data such as biographical, financial, medical or other demographics as questions within larger surveys.

Our Services

Our core competency is in the delivery of Customer Experience Solutions, ranging from the very fundamental customer support function, to more knowledge and skill intensive areas such as technical support, help desk and problem resolution. Over the last 20 years we have successfully provided a host of services for local, regional and international customers, including Fortune 500 companies. We offer an expansive portfolio of outsourced services including:

  • Account receivables management (debt collections)
  • Centralized operator services
  • Direct marketing (sales)
  • Technical support
  • Emergency hotline services
  • Directory assistance
  • Back office processing
  • Appointment bookings
  • Omnichannel and Multichannel support
  • Inbound Customer Experience  (Customer Service)
  • Tele-underwriting
  • Data analytics
  • Surveys CATI
  • SMS Gateway services
  • Social media engagement
  • Chat support
  • Email support

Our Sectors

The DirecOne Omnichannel Contact Center is well positioned to serve Business-to-Business (B2B) , Business to Consumer  (B2C) and Government to Citizen (G2C) markets and Account Management Programs in an energetic, interactive, and highly responsive team environment for a wide range of sectors including:

  • Financial Services
  • Utility Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Computing
  • Membership Services
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Publications and Subscriptions
  • State Organisations

Let us Manage your Customer Experience

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    DirecOne is a dynamic full capability Omnichannel Contact Center providing integrated Customer Experience and management solutions to clients across the globe. We are pioneers and leaders located in the Nearshore (The Caribbean) with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our commitment to excellence in Customer Experience and service delivery has created the base for our solid corporate reputation in the contact center industry.

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