DirecOne is a dynamic, full capability Omnichannel Contact Center exceptionally positioned to provide integrated customer management solutions to clients across the globe. 
Our operations are supported by the four main pillars on which our business is built:

We are pioneers and leaders in the Caribbean Nearshore  with over 20 years of experience in the industry.  Our Omnichannel Contact Center was one of the first of its kind in the region, at a time when outsourcing was still a novel concept in business strategy. As first-movers in the region, we possess a wealth of industry insights, and our strategies and management philosophies are tried, tested and true. Our success and longevity in the business is clear testament to our ability to innovate both in terms of our internal processes and the nature of services we provide, and our flexibility in meeting customer needs across a wide range of sectors.

Since our inception, we have grown our capabilities to design, develop and implement innovative and solid solutions to a myriad of international firms. Our clients have included Fortune 500 companies, regional entities and numerous locally based and indigenous firms. We offer an expansive portfolio of outsourced services including customer contact, fulfillment and marketing services, inbound and outbound e-commerce, telemarketing, customer service, helpdesk, data collection/reporting and CRM solutions.

Our commitment to excellence in Customer Experience and service delivery has created the base for our solid corporate reputation in the contact center industry.  At DirecOne, we continue to set ourselves apart by our passion for serving our customers, keen insights into the industry, leading edge technology, innovative solutions and formidable corporate foundation.

Our strength in the industry is only bolstered by our place within our parent company, the Gillette Group, a stalwart in Caribbean business for the last thirty-six (36) years. We are able to leverage cross competencies within our sister firms which span across Information Technology Solutions, Hardware and Software sales, entertainment, hospitality and manufacturing.